The Cost of Transportation in Jonesboro, AR: A Comparison to Other Cities

Discover how the cost of transportation in Jonesboro, AR compares to other cities in the United States. From public transportation to owning a car, find out which city offers the most affordable options.

The Cost of Transportation in Jonesboro, AR: A Comparison to Other Cities

As an expert in the transportation industry, I have had the opportunity to analyze and compare the cost of transportation in various cities across the United States. One city that has caught my attention is Jonesboro, AR. Located in the northeastern region of Arkansas, Jonesboro is a growing city with a population of over 75,000 people. With its growing population and economy, it is important to understand how the cost of transportation in Jonesboro compares to other cities.

The Cost of Public Transportation

When it comes to public transportation, Jonesboro has limited options.

The city does not have a public bus system or a light rail system like many other cities. Instead, it relies on a small fleet of trolleys that run on specific routes throughout the city. These trolleys are operated by the Jonesboro Economical Transit System (JETS) and are free for passengers. Compared to other cities, Jonesboro's public transportation is relatively inexpensive. The lack of a bus or light rail system means that there are no monthly passes or fares to consider.

However, this also means that the trolleys have limited routes and schedules, making it difficult for commuters to rely on them for daily transportation. In comparison, cities like New York and Chicago have extensive public transportation systems with multiple options such as buses, subways, and trains. While these cities offer more convenience and accessibility, they also come with a higher cost. A monthly pass for public transportation in New York can cost upwards of $120, while in Chicago it can cost around $105.

The Cost of Owning a Car

With limited options for public transportation, many residents in Jonesboro rely on their personal vehicles for daily transportation. The cost of owning a car in Jonesboro is relatively low compared to other cities.

Gas prices in Jonesboro are below the national average, and the city does not have any toll roads or bridges, which can add up in other cities. However, the cost of car insurance in Jonesboro is higher than the national average. This is due to the high number of accidents and uninsured drivers in the state of Arkansas. According to a study by the Insurance Information Institute, Arkansas ranks as one of the top ten states with the highest percentage of uninsured drivers. In comparison, cities like Los Angeles and Miami have higher gas prices and also have toll roads and bridges, which can significantly increase the cost of owning a car. However, car insurance rates in these cities are lower than Jonesboro's due to stricter laws and regulations on uninsured drivers.

The Cost of Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have become popular modes of transportation in many cities.

In Jonesboro, these services are available but are not as widely used as in larger cities. The cost of using ride-sharing services in Jonesboro is comparable to other cities, with an average fare of $10 for a 10-mile trip. However, due to the limited number of drivers and demand for these services in Jonesboro, surge pricing can occur during peak hours or events. This can significantly increase the cost of using ride-sharing services, making it less affordable for residents.

The Cost of Air Travel

One major factor that affects the cost of transportation in any city is air travel. Jonesboro does not have its own airport, so residents must travel to nearby cities like Memphis or Little Rock for air travel.

This adds an additional cost for residents who need to fly frequently. In comparison, cities like Atlanta and Dallas have major international airports, making air travel more accessible and affordable for residents. This also attracts more businesses and tourists to these cities, contributing to their economy.


Overall, the cost of transportation in Jonesboro, AR is relatively low compared to other cities. However, this is due to the limited options for public transportation and the city's smaller size. As the city continues to grow, it is important for local authorities to consider investing in more efficient and affordable modes of transportation to meet the needs of its residents. While Jonesboro may not have the same level of convenience and accessibility as larger cities, it offers a lower cost of living and a slower pace of life.

It is up to individuals to weigh the pros and cons and decide if the cost of transportation in Jonesboro is worth it for them.

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