Incredible Places of Interest in Peru

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No visit to Peru is complete with stopping into its capital city of Lima. Known as the City of Kings, this city has a ton to offer to practically anyone. There’s a vibrant nightlife for those who like to do a bit of dancing and drinking with the local culture. There are relaxing and romantic venues like Parque del Amor. This park, known as the Love Park, gets its name from the large statue of a couple kissing. It has become a popular place for couples to spend time together overlooking the incredible Pacific Ocean. It’s not uncommon for newly married couples to travel from their venues to the statue to perform their first kiss as husband and wife. However, if you want to receive the most out of this park, then you should attend during Valentine’s Day.

On this day, the park teems with people all looking to celebrate love. Food, music, and a Longest Kiss contest can all be found at this park on that special day. For those who just want to take in the sights of the Park, there’s a wall that surrounds its location with words etched into them from some of the greatest Peruvian poets. This is a place for lovers who want to steal a few special moments together before investigating the rest of the treasures Peru has to offer.

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For those with a love for history, guided Peru tours offer Huaca Pucllana. This adobe and clay pyramid was constructed between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD by the Lima people. Its purpose was both ceremonial and administrative. At the time, it was built so that the clergymen who controlled several valleys of the Lima people were able to control the salt and freshwater sources for the Lima people. There was also a sort of temple built so that the people could offer fish and other marine life in order to find favor with their gods. Remains have been found in the pyramid. Most of them were adults, but there was evidence of a sacrificed child found within the pyramid as well.

Numerous ritual activities were conducted at the pyramid, though they fell into three categories. Human sacrifice was present at Huaca Pucllana, primarily of young women. However, they also broke ships that were decorated with marine themes. They also regularly held banquets that were teeming with seafood, primarily that of shark. In fact, the shark seemed to be a focus of their culture. It was revered and depicted on many of the pots found within the pyramid.

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For those who are interested in visiting Huaca Pucllana, there are guided tours available. Both English and Spanish tours are present and are typically conducted in groups. The exhibition hall is included in the tour as well as the archaeological site, and the entire tour takes around 45 to 75 minutes. For those who want to rent out a space for an event, the site actually does offer a few locations, but you’ll have to ask for permission first!

For children, there is a story time where traditional tales of the Lima people are told. With something to offer everyone regardless of age, Huaca Pucllana is a must-need site to visit when in the city of Lima. With modern-day Lima home to numerous skyscrapers, the pyramid is sure to stand out!